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❶However, there are always the best of the best. While Goneril and Regan fight over the interest of Edmund, Cordelia returns to help her father from the fate of her evil sisters.

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The kids who are favored and preferred are the ones responsible for causing the tragedy. The theme of filial ingratitude is well portrayed in a deep and comprehensive manner in two incidents: Lear and Earl suffered from the monster ingratitude that helped them distinguish the evil children from the good ones. The traditional values that define the wholesomeness and natural form of parent-child relationship are destroyed and distorted in the play.

There is an evidence of disruption of harmony and order, which are the characteristics of a stable family.

This is clear in the evil designs and actions of greed shown by Goneril, Regan, and Edmund. The two trusting fathers, Gloucester and Lear, foolishly fall into the traps of their evil kids and turn their backs on the children who truly love them. This act of lack of judgment drives the two parents to poverty due to the ungratefulness of children Shakespeare Lear and Gloucester are personalities with prominent positions.

They suffer a tragedy because of trusting evil kids and allowing extreme conditions to control their emotions. Lear and Gloucester share the theme of emotional disposition. They both portray similar forms of vulnerability, a trait they cannot identify in themselves. Lear imagines that nature is an aspect that can be commanded or controlled, while Gloucester views it with mistrust and fear.

The two characters also undergo different forms of suffering. Lear has physical sight, but he is blind in the sense that he experiences lack of understanding, direction, and insight.

On the other hand, Gloucester has physical blindness but achieves the vision lacked by Lear. This aspect reveals that clear vision is not a derivation from physical sight.

This similarity portrays both characters not to be mentally stable, as Lear undergoes a psychological change from insanity and fantasy to sanity and reality respectively, while Gloucester experiences a physical change in the quest of discovering the truth.

The two characters have similar family experiences in favoring the evil children over the good ones. The two old men ultimately die in a state of happiness and joy, having undergone suffering from their misjudgments and wrongdoing. They gain patience, love, wisdom, and insight, and show courage in triumph over their weaknesses Shakespeare Edmund was commonly referred to as the Bastard.

He quickly rose in his attempt to gain power over his father and brother. This makes men scared of blindness to truths which prevents them from knowing when fortune or something else would happen on them. Lear, the king of England would be the tragic hero because he held the highest position in the social chain at the very beginning of the play.

His social position gave him pride as he remarked himself as "Jupiter" and "Apollo". Lear out of pride and anger has banished Cordelia and Kent and divided his Kingdom in halves to Goneril and Regan. As in Act One, although Cordelia said "nothing", she really means everything she loves to his father. However, Lear only believed in the beautiful words said by Regan and Goneril. Kent still disobeys Lear and hurts his pride further as he said, "Now by Apollo, King, thos swearest thy gods in vain.

Finally, Kent is banished. Because of the flaw of pride, Lear has initiated the tragedy by perturbing the order in the chain of being as he gives up his thrown, divides the kingdom and banishes his loyalist servant and loveliest daughter. The downfall of Lear is not just the suffering of him alone but the suffering of everyone down the chain of being. If Lear did not lack of personal insight and if he did not have such an obstinate pride, he would not have banished Cordelia and Kent, then Goneril and Regan would not be able to conspire against Lear.

Without the plot of Goneril and Regan, Gloucester would not have been betrayed by Edmund and lose his eyes and status due to the charge of treason.

Thou hadst little wit in thy bals crown when thou gavest thy golden one away. Due to his flaw, he gave the two daughters a chance to conspire against him and he was finally thrown out of his daughters home and left with a fool, a servant and a beggar. When Lear was left alone in the storm, he started to lose his sanity and realize his fault to banish Cordelia and Kent. He began to realize the true faces of his daughters and did not want to see them again, as he said, "I prithee, daughter, do not make me mad.

I will not trouble thee, my child; farewell. Well no more meet, no more see one another.. Unfortunately, the calamity continued instantaneously. Stay a little Ha! Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low an excellent thing in woman.

For instance, his being welcomed and praised by Goneril and Regan which contrasted to his being thrown out of their homes. In addition, the love from Cordelia when she was alive contrasted the death of Cordelia who could love Lear no longer. Lear was no longer a strong, haughty, and prideful king as he was in the beginning of the play.

Instead, he became a weak, modest, and confused old man. As we can see at the beginning, he expressed himself as the "Jupiter" and "Apollo". However, at the end of the play, he expressed himself as "a very foolish fond old man. Just before he dies as a man in pain, he said, "And my poor fool is hanged! If Lear really loved Cordelia he would understand why she did not follow her sisters.

A parent should never question the love that child feels for their parent. This is a major flaw of Lear that leads to the tragic death of Cordelia Lyons As for the sub plot the loyal child Edgar is caste out by his father, Gloucestor, who believes that Edgar is threatening his life. If Gloucestor really loved Edgar and had approached him about his motives Edgar would not have fled.

When Edgar left the estate he gave Edmund the upper hand. Now Edmund knew that his father trusted him and this allowed him to take control over Gloucestor and his estate. In both of these cases the loyal children felt no resentment towards their father. Cordelia and Edgar both realize that their siblings are to blame. Both Lear and Gloucestor have chosen sides and turned their backs against the children who love them the most.

While Goneril and Regan fight over the interest of Edmund, Cordelia returns to help her father from the fate of her evil sisters.

Jealous Goneril poisons Regan and then commits suicide. Next Edmund sends his henchman to kill Cordelia. Lear, now realizing that it was Cordelia all along who truly loved him, dies of a broken heart. Edgar reveals himself and battles Edmund.

Edmund is wounded and shortly thereafter dies. It is sad to see at the end Lear and Gloucestor realize that the children that loved them the most were the same children they banished.

No matter how Edgar and Cordelia were treated they stuck by their fathers. These two parallel plots told a great story of the eternal love these two children felt for their fathers. Tragedy never tells us what to think; it shows us what we are and may be.

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This essay concentrates on Act , Scene 4 of Shakespeare's King Lear, a tragic and powerful scene in which we witness Lear's mind tragically giving way to the menace of madness, which has relentlessly pursued him throughout the play.

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Buy custom King Lear essay King Lear fits Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero as he incorporates the key elements that Aristotle considers being encompassed in a hero of a tragedy. King Lear indicates that he has transformed from ignorance to knowledge, which is similar to Aristotle’s indication. Name Instructor Course Date English Literature Essay 1: King Lear King Lear does a great mistake towards the end of kingship that leads to his gradual development of madness after he is swayed by flattering words by two of his daughters and divides his throne into two for them.

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