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Iraq War Essay Examples

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❶Stalemate ,Iraqi forces better trained ,out numbered by Iranian forces,civilinas became new target. In a 1, page report has been released by Charles A.

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Hussein had continually ignored the U. N and its decisions. He had been warned many times to allow an inspection for weapons, but twelve years and seventeen U. N Resolutions later no action had been allowed. N Resolution on November 8, , passed unanimously, required a full disarmament but Hussein still evaded and refused the requirements. Time and time again Hussein barred entrance to suspect sites, delayed inspections, and eventually threw all U.

A prolonged effort of the U. Possession and attempts for possession of WMD are always a great concern to be had. Iraq has possessed WMD before, both biological and chemical, violating a cease-fire treaty signed when Iraq lost the Persian Gulf War.

In a 1, page report has been released by Charles A. It states proof of Hussein importing banned materials, and also declares Iraqi plans of reviving WMD programs and maintaining a dual-use industrial sector that could produce illegal weapons.

There are other countries, like North Korea, that may also have ownership of WMD, but Iraq was chosen as a primary target because it had exposed itself as more of a current threat that needed to be sorted out immediately. Hussein had proven himself to be an unjust and untrustworthy ruthless tyrant; in many cases torturing and killing his own people.

The Guardian newspaper published an nterview of eight Iraqi defectors in Dec. They gave detailed accounts of such abuses as rape, torturing of children in front of their parents, electric shock, mutilation of body parts, burning with acid, and starvation.

In some cases Hussein even used the repulsive war tactic of human shields. His aggression against neighboring countries of Iran and Kuwait had lead to the death of over 1. Other abhorrent actions include the gassing of thousands of Kurds of northern Iraq in , which is more evidence of possessing banned chemical weapons.

One of the numerous events which had occurred in the past happened during the day of September 11, in which two buildings in New York City were seen by all the people in the world to be crashing slowly in front of their eyes. This news was spread in different parts of the world and made a mark in the history.

The violent actions or the terrorists created a difference in the relationship of various states most especially United States and also led to different actions of the offended state. As said by different analyst, newspaper columns and politicians, it is said that one of the major results of the September 9, event was the war in Iraq which was launched by the United States. Many various speculations were theorized by the different people and one of the most common speculations was that United States wanted to have revenge against the terror that they have experienced.

Different theorists have presented their point of view regarding the situation and stated that the few reasons were: The three speculations were the most talked about and debated by known personalities in politics and in media. As the war continues on, the interest of the United States were slowly presented to the world. After the United States invaded the state of Iraq, the troops of the Americans seek for the weapons of mass destruction but then, the group was not successful in finding any weapon which could threaten the whole world.

However, the United States did not leave Iraq immediately—which was expected by most of people at watch of the situation. The situation of Iraq war was influenced by different actors within the international community. Different organization as well as individuals became involved in the resolution and the activities of the War in Iraq.

The most significant personality in the Iraq war was President George W. The United States President acted as the main person that lead the whole nation to war and encouraged the world to join in the battle against terrorism. Tony Blair, together with President Bush teamed up in order to fight the violent groups in which promoted terroristic activities. The United Nations also became a great part in the actions in which the United States had taken. The organization of the United Nation became the actor in which the actions of United States were justified.

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