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Public service announcement assignment linkin park: Creative writing workshops sheffield

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❶This activity has received positive reviews in a peer review process involving five review categories. At your library you have access to nearly everything in print and online.

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This activity has received positive reviews in a peer review process involving five review categories. The five categories included in the process are. For more information about the peer review process itself, please see http: Students research a climate change topic of their choice and create a Public Service Announcement PSA that communicates their understanding of the science, raises awareness about the causes and consequences of climate change and motivates people to take action in their communities, families and their own lives.

Students learn first-hand about the challenges of communicating about climate change in a compelling way. The PSA project offers students opportunities to use creativity and twenty-first century technology skills while empowering them to become stewards and advocates for social change as it relates to climate change. The PSA lesson assignment allows students to choose from a wide range of climate change topics and questions. Here are some examples of key questions they can address with their PSAs:.

The climate change PSA lesson is suitable for students in middle school and high school. Examples of content areas that are natural fits for a climate change PSA include: The PSA activity may be more meaningful for students if they have previously had some background in climate science and media production skills. However, creating a PSA can serve as a powerful vehicle to learn important climate science content knowledge and media skills regardless of prior experience.

The climate climate PSA project is well suited for a culminating project to a unit of study. Alternatively, a unit on climate change may be structured around creating the PSA. The climate change PSA lesson follows a sequence of activities. Some of the activities can be done for homework. And books and magazines and CDs and videos and Web access and databases and all sorts of other resources your library. Find the right answer and a whole lot more your library.

Want to research your thesis? Find the latest child care information? Or maybe you just want to curl up with your favorite book and enjoy some peace and quiet. At your library you have access to nearly everything in print and online.

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