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Nazism and Fascism, when should those words be capitalized?

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❶Short of assassination has anyone ever tried as hard to take down a President as the Left is currently doing to Donald Trump?


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Sean Hannity the biggest corporate mouthpiece of them all wanted to ban Ron Paul from future Republican debates because he dared to suggest that invasive American corporate policies in the middle east were an underlying factor that have led to many terrorist attacks including the WTC upon the Western world. Green Day said it best in their song "American Idiot": One nation controlled by the media.

Information nation of hysteria. Also, see my group. The leader duce was mussolini. They invaded Rome and took the pope as prisoner. Facism is socialism with a Nationalist bent. From Wikipedia "that considers the individual subordinate to the interests of the state, party or society as a whole". Basically you have some nutcases that try to take over the world using force.

Hitler and Al qaeda are prime examples of Fascists individuals and organizations. S msnbc was doing a story last night on this guy who thought he was a vampire, and the stats that went with it were like , americans believe they are some kinda vampire or engage in those activities i mean come on if ppl think there are vampires im sure there are facists out there. This guy link below is very well versed on the subject. His blog covers it extensively.

Look up San Francisco values in Wikipedia. The only sources that you are going to find that support your view are written by other conspiracy theorists. Related Questions How should true patriots combat the rising fascism in America? Is it really possible for America to become a communist country? What are the differences between Communism and Facism? Do you give Trump credit for reducing the power of the hurricane?

I have something important to say. I was raped years ago by the following people. National Socialists declared some of the citizens of Germany sub-humans and embraced Nordic looking Scandinavians as equal Aryans.

Both trends go against fascist principals. If Germany would be ruled by fascists German Jews would be considered Germans with equal rights and Scandinavians would be considered foreigners. But both ideologies can be classified as non-Marxian totalitarian socialism just giving different meaning to the term "society". This is your difference between Italian totalitarian socialism fascism and German totalitarian socialism National Socialism.

If you want to expand your research, you can look at Spanish fascism with Spanish Muslims and even Spanish Jews supporting it. Very similar to Italian version. If you want to dig even further, you can follow the correct classification as "non-Marxian totalitarian Socialism" for German, Spanish and Italian regimes and ask yourself if there was "Marxian totalitarian Socialism" around at the same time in history.

Yes, it was around. Europe was awash in totalitarian socialism of different brands. I wrote an essay about how Hitler turned Germany into a Fascist state and how he rose to power. There are lots of excellent primary and secondary sources on this topic. And this relatively hit-or-miss incidence might partly explain why some SF tends to dwell on formally elegant political systems, even those that keep proving human-unfriendly in practice. Does anyone know if the story about Starship Troopers the movie being originally an unrelated script Bug Hunt at Outpost Nine that then was adapted to become a Heinlein license is true?

I find it a bit amusing that some people still seem to take a movie with the line "they sucked his brains out! Do you think that line was in Bug Hunt at Outpost Nine? Considering that the movie pretty much directly mocks the original book Allegedly the studio had the rights to I Robot but no plans to make anything so they stuck the title on the movie for name recognition, added a few references and changed a few names, and called it a day. I think it would be inaccurate to say that Starship Troopers the book is a satire of communism.

Certainly it is a criticism of communism, at least communism in human beings. But for the sake of not getting too far off topic I will admit, I could be wrong about the nature of the criticism. I wrote it with the idea that too many military science fiction stories are based around the premise of "Ra, Ra, Ra Military is awesome!

I had it from the perspective of the equivalent of a TIE pilot and pretty much had the entire book be one long series of deconstructions of the ideas of 1. Never surrendering being a good thing. That space opera battles are anything other than the same bloody wars for resources that anything else is.

I had a lot of fun making humanity slaughtering each other over what most people considered a backwater region of space no one wanted to visit.

But yeah, really, we need a Game Of Thrones deconstruction of space opera like it is of fantasy. The basic idea is suburbia and hence white flight taken a step further. A private company builds an arcology towering above Los Angeles, a residential complex that offers everything the city below does under one roof. I would be interested in an analysis of it now that I know more about American libertarianism.

It highlights, perhaps unintentionally, the paradox of a company being free to organise as it wants, and then setting up its own rigid control over its customers and employees.

The novel mentions some of the issues with corporate governance, and seems set up to explore them; but it never does. The antagonists are luddite eco-terrorists with a flimsy motivation.

A conflict with the city authorities flares up realistically, but gets resolved in a rather one-sided victory for the company that did not sit right with me. No-one living in the arcology expresses dissatisfaction. It has some neat technical ideas but cops out on the social implications. Bad, but not fascist. You need to login to do this. Anime is my true love. Apr 3rd at At this point, normal human beings are regarded as a subhuman species: This kind of labeling was at work at least since the s Under Cover, etc.

Le Guin is indeed an intriguing case: Nohbody "In distress", my ass. Apr 3rd at 7: Zendervai Eccentric Dreamer from St. Wishing you were here. Maxing my social links. The Suce Is Loose. Apr 4th at 7: Apr 4th at 9: Apr 4th at And they all lived happily ever after.

Apr 5th at 1: Apr 6th at 6: Apr 7th at 3: LoniJay from Australia Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords. Apr 7th at 4: Coming soon to theaters.

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