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Is Romeo and Juliet a play about love or hate?


❶For such a great love story, there sure is a lot of hate in the play.

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Studying the Major Themes of Romeo and Juliet
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Prodigious birth of love it is to me That I must love a loathed enemy 1. In Act III, the juxtapostion of love and hate is again present in the confrontation of Tybalt with Romeo, who protests that his hatred for Tybalt has now turned to love:.

Tybalt, the reason that I have to love thee Doth much excuse the appertaining rage To such a greeting. Villain am I none. I see thou knowest me not.

Of course, this love soon returns to hatred after Mercutio is slain. Did ever dragon keep so fair a cave? It is no surprise, therefore, that when Capulet determines Juliet must marry Paris, the women in the play shrink, with one exception. For such a great love story, there sure is a lot of hate in the play. Poets and lovers contend that time passes differently for those who are in love. Is Shakespeare showing us how differently time is measured for lovers?

The mythological allusions to Cupid, the Roman god of physical love, and Diana, the Roman goddess of chastity, allude more to hormonal acceleration than true feelings of love. He loves her, in fact, based solely on her beauty before even meeting her. The same is true for Juliet. And you wonder why fathers with beautiful daughters go bald? Both Romeo and Juliet act rashly--they marry quickly and they react quickly. Lust is always in a hurry.

The Role of Fate The chorus begins the play by calling Romeo and Juliet "star-crossed lovers" Prologue, line 6 , but does fate or poor decisions cause their death? Bad luck and unfortunate coincidences abound: Bad choices and stupid decisions rule the day: The Role of Women This analysis of themes in Romeo and Juliet is intended to help you enjoy the play as you read and discuss it. Her society does not consider her opinion worthwhile. Her family turns on her.

Her best friend, the nurse, turns on her, the Friar gives horrible advice. Juliet marries an unstable, moody boy. Yet, she faces her fears and moves forward, defying social customs. While Romeo and Juliet were alive, their families were feuding. However, with their deaths, the families reconcile and give up their feud. Therefore, it is only through pain and suffering that the families learn love, not through joy or friendship. The closeness of, and connection between, death and love, despite their apparent contradiction, runs throughout the play and is also the reason Juliet and Romeo employ so many oxymorons, or phrases that contain words that are contradictions.

For example, Juliet, upon leaving Romeo, refers to their separation as "sweet sorrow. Expert Answers mlsldy3 Certified Educator.

Read the study guide:. Begin typing the name of a book or author: Popular Questions Who is most to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

Love and Hate in Romeo and Juliet

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Get an answer for 'How are the themes of "Love and Hate" presented in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"?' and find homework help for other Romeo and Juliet .

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idea of hate although there are some words about love. - The Themes of Conflict and Love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet I will be examining act 1 scenes 1 and 5, act 2 scene 2 and act 3 scene 5 because they will show a balance of love and conflict where the two families are fighting but also. Love Versus Hate In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, love and hate share the same feature in that they are both senseless and mysterious. While at some.