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How could I make this a good thesis statement?

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❶This implied that Civil Rights Movement could successfully convey their message through writing and be able to target a large group as compared to the past.

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Since you are concentrating on the writing aspect A thesis is a point of discussion You are trying to put too much in the title For the best answers, search on this site https: The point of a thesis, is to have a theory and attempt to prove it. You could argue that the Industrial Revolution led to current climate concerns My ancestors were from Haarlem, Netherlands.

Does anybody have resources for that town, ca. Related Questions Thesis statement is this a thesis statement? Thesis Statement about Mormons?

African-American artists and writers used the cultural approach in achieving their civil rights and goals in the society. This renaissance was commonly referred to as the New Negro Movement where the contemporary cultural works of African-Americans were absorbed into the mainstream culture. The end of the American Civil War was marked the beginning of a new era characterized by an improved education system, employment opportunities and better service delivery for the black Americans.

However, this fight for equality was dealt a huge blow when a court ruling set precedent stating that racial discrimination was constitutionally legal.

This led to increased oppression and poor living conditions for the black minority in the American society. The Harlem Renaissance In the early 90s, the middle calls which mostly consisted of the African-American began pushing for social justice specifically a new political agenda that advocated for racial equality.

One of the individual who was most vocal in lobbying for racial equality was W. Du Bois I collaboration with other African-American human right activists and activists groups met in New York to discuss the problems amd challenges facing the black community.

During the same period, Jamaican born Marcus Garvey was in the frontline in promoting the Back to Africa movement. The main objective of this organization was to unite all the black people who had a common ancestry that is Africa.

This movement succeeded in instilling a sense of pride and unity in the black Americans with regards to their ancestry and heritage. Some of the most notable activities during the Harlem Renaissance were the publishing of the a journal on Negro life and the organization of the Civic Club dinner which eventually became a great success is promoting black writers, poets and artists Southern, Eileen. Music of Negro Americans a history.

The Harlem Renaissance was a success in that it brought a culture of cohesiveness and unity in civil rights movements during the time. The success of the Harlem Renaissance is not only felt on the cultural context but also in the social aspect.

Unlike the previous years, the Renaissance led to the civil rights movement conveying their message in amore unique and organized way. The practice of applying cultural mediums in availing their grievances was a more appealing method than the previously used political approach. Most post-Harlem Renaissance writers were successful as the Renaissance led to the public being more open to African-American literature than what was previously being experienced at the beginning of the century.

This implied that Civil Rights Movement could successfully convey their message through writing and be able to target a large group as compared to the past. The literary works also encouraged Civil Rights Movements to be more vigorous in their campaign for social equality and justice in the American society.

Foundation The Harlem Renaissance set a foundation for the current Civil Rights Movements by setting precedent on issues regarrding social injustices and racial segregation in the American society.

This has helped modern activist to be more vocal when ti comes to issues dealing with racial discrimination.

As is said, unity is strength; in the past, the fight for social justice and against racial discrimination was due to the absence of a common goal by most Civic Rights Movement. The Harlem Renaissance helped in shaping the new era techniques of lobbying for social justice in the American society such as through writing, music, theater, poetry and visual arts.

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- The Harlem Renaissance, Jazz and Billie Holiday In Harlem, the people sit on their front porches in protest of the summer Sunday sun, fanning themselves with the morning paper as the day slides away.

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Hughes poetry was a reflection of the African-American culture and Harlem. He wrote many poems, and continued to write even after the Harlem Renaissance. He loved Harlem that was his home. He watched it decline with the onset of the Great Depression. He saw Harlem turn into a place to be feared by many.

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In brief, the Harlem Renaissance was an evident racial pride that was symbolized in the melodic theme of the New Negro. New Negro challenged the penetrating racial discrimination to encourage liberal, socialistic political sympathies, and national and societal incorporation with help of art and literature. The Harlem Renaissance was an artistic, literary, musical and theatrical movement that began in the late s and lasted for about 10 years. A blossoming of the African American culture is also called the Negro Renaissance, the New Negro Movement, or the Jazz Age.