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If you drop a bowling ball and it bounces off a nice wooden floor, you definitely notice the equal and opposite forces because it dents the floor. Just got done with a test Have you ever discovered the conduct of espresso in a espresso cup crammed to the rim even as opening a automobile from leisure or even as bringing a automobile to leisure from a state of movement?

While the automobile hurries up ahead, the espresso stays within the identical function; sooner or later, the automobile hurries up out from underneath the espresso and the espresso spills for your lap.

On the opposite hand, whilst braking from a state of movement the espresso maintains ahead with the identical pace and within the identical path, eventually hitting the windshield or the sprint.

Coffee in movement has a tendency to stick in movement. Thus, you preserve in movement, sliding alongside the seat in ahead movement. A individual in movement has a tendency to stick in movement with the identical pace and within the identical path The seat belt presents the unbalanced drive which brings you from a state of movement to a state of leisure.

Perhaps you might speculate what might arise whilst no seat belt is used. If God created the universe and all its laws, do I even have to do my physics homework? My physics homework says an object weighs 12 N? If your significant other laid an egg, would you be happy or confused? Answer Questions Two cars cover the same distance in a straight line.

Car A covers distance at a constant velocity, Car B covers at a constant acceleration? What is the process of producing an electrical current by moving a magnet in and out of a coil of wire? If your are ploting acceleration as a function of hanging mass. How do i solve this physics problem? Is a hot object heavier than the cold one? I have a space station creating artificial gravity via linear acceleration. What was its acceleration? We have tried covering it in straws to help absorb the impact when it hits the ground but it sadly cracked on our second attempt at 2m.

We also tried a square based pyramid and it was hard to get the egg in the middle of the square based pyramid to be stuck in place, so that cracked as well.

Any input would be a lot of help and I thank you all very much for helping! You basically take that 20cm of tape and make a wad of tape, like this. I was at this summer program way back in high school and saw a group basically put as many of those wads of tape as they could around the egg.

They were able to throw the egg up 20 feet in the air and let it hit asphalt without breaking. No one else who tried to be "innovative" with their materials even came close to getting that height.

My friend and I were actually thinking of doing this but ended up not doing it because we thought the tape would be too flat on the egg. After looking at that picture I understand exactly what you mean and I think it could work very well. Thank you very very much! I did a similar experiment in elementary school and this 1 group came up with an idea that was quite brilliant. They made a tetrahedron out of straws and put the egg in the center of it. Conceptually, though, I still think it was a great idea.

To help visualize it, it was something like this: I think I can get it to work though if I try it enough so thank you very much for you help! This might give ideas https: Sadly, majority of those materials we cannot use but this helped me think about how to create my structure.

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Feb 08,  · So I will be doing the classic egg drop competition at school and was wondering if I could get some help. The materials I have is: 3 Thread by: Johnson Smith, Feb 8, , 2 replies, in forum: Introductory Physics Homework.

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For my AP Physics class, we were assigned an egg drop. We'll stand on top of our bleachers, and drop them to the floor (about the height of a 2.

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Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over years old. Oct 08,  · I have been brainstorming ideas for a design of an "egg catcher". This is not the traditional "egg dropper" but instead, i need to build a device that will.

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Get an answer for 'How is impulse and momentum applied in an egg drop challenge?The challenge was to construct something protective out of 3 sheets of newspaper, tape, and 4 straws so the egg. Jan 18,  · Education & Reference Homework Help. Next. Egg Drop Impact Equations - Physics? In my Physics class, we are doing a project as a semester test. Egg drop project help for physics? Physics egg drop project? Easy questions? Answer Questions. Can you show me an example of a good character reference letter,Please?Status: Resolved.