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Who was the main leader of the indians in the Battle of Little Bighorn?

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He said to throw dust on himself and his horse before going into battle. His father, a holy man, told Curly that the vision he saw was of himself. It was time for Curly to become a warrior. In a battle against the Arapaho, Curly followed his vision and remained unhurt as he rode through the flying arrows. However, when he scalped two of the opposing warriors and took their scalps, he was hit in the leg with an arrow.

He learned from his mistake because he knew his vision had told him not to take from the enemy. Gold was discovered in Montana, and quickly soldiers were building forts in hopes of having a safe route to the gold through the Sioux territory. Though they negotiated a peace treaty with the Sioux, they still did whatever they wanted in the area by moving into the Indian hunting grounds. The Indians were becoming angry. Crazy Horse served as a decoy in a battle known as Fetterman Massacre.

Crazy Horse tricked the soldiers into going to an area where 2, Indians were hiding. All of the soldiers were killed in less than 30 minutes. Gold was found in the Black Hills. The government tried to buy the land from the Sioux. Crazy Horse and others did not want to sell their holy land.

The Indians claimed a victory. Custer led men against thousands of Indians and lost. It was a great victory for Crazy Horse. All winter the battles continued. Nations of the Plains by Bobbie Kalman A short book that gives an overview of tribes associated with the Great Plains.

See also her book, Life in a Plains Camp. People of the Buffalo: How the Plains Indians Lived by Maria Campbell This book tells how the Plains Indians lived, including their beliefs, ceremonies and feeling for family life. Includes instructions for a moccasin game; models of a travois, a shield, and a bull-boat; cooking pemmican; making a felt pouch; growing sunflowers; and drying squash. People of the Great Plains by Anne Todd Provides an overview of the past and present lives of people from the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations, which combined is known as the Sioux Nation, and traces their customs, family life, history, culture, and relations with the United States government.

Map of the Plains Indians: Tracking the Buffalo http: Artists of Earth and Sky http: Click each image for more explanation. Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian http: Stories from a Hide Painting http: Those paintings tell stories about their lives. Explore the story on a buffalo hide, and make your own "buffalo hide" painting.

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Indians who assimilated more than most included the A) Sioux. B). Main Forum Other Fields Homework Help (Moderators. Sitting Bull was a famous leader of the Lakota Sioux Plains Indians.

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homework help history sioux indians top reviewed cheap resume Homework Help History Sioux Indians psychology master thesis best online resume writing services yelpphd thesis on organizational culture Homework Help History Sioux Indians how to proofread an essay computer science master thesis proposalInterest can be viewed as a medium homework help history sioux indians to . Among the hundreds of American Indian peoples, perhaps the best known are the Sioux. They played a prominent role in U.S. history as the country expanded westward during the s, and several Sioux leaders, including Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, rank among the most famous Native Americans. Today the Sioux are still one of the most populous Indian peoples.