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PreSonus Digital Mixer Bundle Specifications:

You have no items in your shopping cart. Account Log In Sign Up. Show 5 10 15 20 25 50 75 All per page. Hal Leonard Recording Method Complete Series 6-pack This is the first-ever professional recording method to take the reader from the beginning of the signal path to the final master mix.

The Artist Edition of the Studio-in-a-Box series provides everything you need to capture and share your recordings using high-quality products from established brands such as Pro Tools, M-Audio, and Yamaha. Best of all, it features a step-by-step guide that takes you from setting up your studio components, all the way through recording and mixing your project. Written by noted author and clinician Bill Gibson author of the Hal Leonard Recording Method , each set-up step is clearly explained and the recording tips are fully covered.

Business Planmaker Professional Deluxe 9 [Download]. There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. October 18, Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. See questions and answers. Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. I have heard great things about channel storm live channel pro but have never personally used it. Good luck setting up your studio. You are the best, to take time out and write out detailed information as much as you have above. Well here is the deal, as many above, I am working on setting up a simple video production studio-or so i think!

I also want to use this to record talk shows. I have compiled the list of equpemnts and matched them to the ones listed above. Including still cameras, in addition to any advice you can offer.

Hi Nkiru Thanks for your nice note. I am so glad you find my site helpful. This single post probably attracts more visitors and comments than just about any other. I wish we could go equipment shopping together. What is your budget? That determines so much. Without knowing your budget it is hard to make specific recommendations. Do you by any chance of access to any studios near you that you could visit? Are there any schools that offer video production? If so, maybe you could go by there, see what they have and talk to them about how well it all works together.

Back when I worked as a high school TV production teacher, it took about 80 grand to outfit an entire studio from scratch. Here is a link. It may be more than what you need, but it sure was an incredible camera.

For the heavy-duty task of video editing, Macs do a better job and are more stable. I am convinced of that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Reading between the lines on your comment, one suggestion that pops into my head is that you should have plenty of backgrounds. Backgrounds need to be easy to move. This means they need to either be on wheels or they need to be movable curtains. Or roll-up-able like a window shade You can even make cool-looking props and backgrounds out of cheap stuff like styrofoam.

It is amazing what can look good on camera! Virtual sets can also really add to the creative possibilities without taking up any room at all. Using virtual sets requires green screen. Even if you do not use virtual sets, green screen is very versatile. So make sure to have one area of your studio devoted to green screen.

It helps to paint the floor green in addition to having a green cloth. Painting the floor is easier than having to lay cloth out on the floor, plus people will trip over the cloth, still some studios use cloth because you can move it. I hope this info helps you.

I would visit a studio on monday and get some insight on what equipments hey have. That way, I would have more detailed questions for you. What is your take on this as per equipment. I will really appreciate a detailed list of hardware and softwares to start with. For video editing, my money is on a mac pro with Final Cut. If you are going to do a lot of video editing, get the biggest, baddest, most-of-everything Mac Pro you can afford. Get multiple hard drives, at least two internal hard drives and however many externals you need for your work load.

Mac operating systems or more stable. No two ways about that IMHO. Mac pros are huge and powerful, which is what you need. Big league video editing takes power unless you want to crash all the time. Also, get a big monitor, or even two monitors if you can afford it. Detailed Video editing takes a lot of screen space to see what you are doing. Sound production alone is not my forte so I want to stick with video editing. This way you can record audio tracks directly into final cut. That will save you a step.

Obviously if you are mixing professional sound production with video editing you need to directly transfer lots of audio, so this cable will be your best friend.

A huge computer like what I am talking about draws lots more power than a standard PC. Talk about apples and oranges! If your APC back up does not support enough wattage it does you no good. I have 2 questions. Is there something I should attach to the camera or computer.

That is 6 hours worth of lecture. The amount you can get onto one disc depends on the file sizes. The files size will depends on which format you choose and what kind of resolution quality you select. You will lose resolution quality if you go down in file size. Whether you want to make that trade-off to get more on a disc is up to you. The usual process is to can record it on the actual mini dv tape and then capture that footage later in your computer. It always helps to have an external hard drive because that gives you much more storage room but you do not have to.

You might be able to simultaneously record it on your hard drive if your camera will output as you record but most cameras will not do both at once. Plus, you usually have to output your video when the camera is in VCR mode, not camera mode. It can not be in both at once.

To pick out a microphone, look first to see what kind of microphone jack your camera has. Any microphone that will fit into that plug will work. It will either be a small mini jack or an xlr input. I hope this helps you. My website is not published yet but I have secured the domain name. Everyone talks about it but I have yet to see any kind of package or skematic on how to do it or what equipment to buy.

I want to start out about mid-way and not at the bottom. My timeline is immediate. The easiest, cheapest way to set up a live streaming video is to get a webcam and an account at ustream. The most common way is to stream something live on their site, then embed it on other sites. But you can also use them to stream it live on any other site you have. A webcam will keep it simple and for most needs would probably be sufficient.

You might need more, depending on what you are actually trying to accomplish. Here is a post and video about the many benefits of webcams: Here is a post about ustream: Hi, you are doing a wonderful job,God gives you more grace to your elbow! I need you to give me a simple budget for video production studio as for a beginner, and if panasonic MD can do the job, moreso the list of complete equipment for the studio. Thanks for the compliment!

I looked up the Panasonic MD video camera and it would indeed do a good job. Did you notice it is on the PAL standard? This post contains a liost of all the equipment you need. Please copy off the list that is already in this post. It does what you need. Make sure you have a Mac with a high end graphics card. Macbook pro, iMac and Mac pro. Hi Anonymous Great to meet you! Thanks a million for the great tip. It is amazing to me how software can replace so much equipment.

First it was editing. One program can now do what it used to take a room full of equipment to do! Software and technical advancements make video production more accessible to the average Jane and that of course is a wondrous thing IMHO! Thanks for adding to the discussion. I am so happy i came accross this site.

You are really doing a great job, thanks. Pls i can someone give me a rough minimum estimate cost of setting up a tv station. The minimum cost for setting up a video studio is going down all the time because everything keeps getting consolidated into the computer and different software packages are replacing some of the equipment needed so that makes it much less expensive. Today you can set up an entire studio for less than five grand.

I have a very basic idea of video production as I have worked on short films and a few editing jobs before. But I could really use some help figuring out what are the components I need to look at in setting up such a studio, lest I forget something important in my proposal to the big-wigs.

I am looking at a small set-up with about a maximum of ten people, including camera operators, creative ppl etc. Though most of our clients would want us to shoot on location at their premises. We will need a sound booth set-up for VO work. And basic windows based editing systems. These are the basic things I see in the set-up, but I have a nagging feeling I am missing something s extremely important.

We are based out of India, so the prices are definitely going to wary. But please do give me, what you think will be an estimate to set something like this up, with any other components you think would be necessary for such a set-up.

Hi Akshay, You ask some really good questions. It is difficult for me to give you a cost estimate because what level of equipment you choose would make a huge difference. You could save money by getting the software that integrates many of the studio components listed above into one software package.

If you are going to be shooting on location, you will want portable lights and perhaps a portable green screen. It does not seem to me that you are missing anything. Have you thought about things like cables? If you would like for me to spend some time researching equipment for you, please contact me for personal consultation. Interesting site with some useful info. There is no way you can adequately equip a multi-camera facility with audio, video, lighting, communications etc… at that pricepoint with anything approaching pro quality.

I never said you could. This site is aimed primarily at people who want to do internet video. Many people who make professio0nal video can not get around the fact that not every video needs to be top notch technical quality and that cameras less than 20 grand are worth using.

And you could go WAY beyond a webcam. If all you need is a webcam is does not take 5 grand! You can get a webcam for 50 bucks. If you used home level video cameras, just a few lights and a cheap switcher or now software you absolutely could set up some kind of small studio in your house for 5 grand or less. I am looking at setting up a small video studio to film some tech help videos, what kind of equipment do you think I would need?

Good to hear from you. Glad if VPT helps you. Get a real powerful computer for your edit system if you go that route. I have a Mac Pro. If you have one camera and an edit system, you can do a lot and that is more functional for most situations and certainly if you are on a budget I think that is a more practical way to go than trying to set up a multi camera studio. I have been looking at the Adobe creative suite production premium.

For a computer, I already have a MacBook Pro. You can do so much with all of that. For basic video editing, you could probably also use the imovie on your Mac. FCS is one heckuva software package that does just about everything! Then you should be good to go! Hey Loraine, This is a great forum, and thanks for all the information. Now, look at my production at http: My question is about the cost it will take to rent a full studio, space and equipments only, for a production.

Just give me a rough idea base on your knowledge. So glad to hear from you. I looked at your site and think it is great. If you want to rent out a studio I would suggest you contact the TV stations in your area, particularly the PBS station or the small independents. They will give you the best rates. You will probably pay by the hour, or get a half-day or full-day rate. That should include people to operate all the equipment plus the equipment.

Most of the places I worked where they rented out the equipment actually preferred staffing it with their own people since they were well versed in the equipment. You might also try calling up some area businesses like wedding videographers or event producers who have mobile studios. Maybe they could come to your location. I hope this information helps you.

Well, if you want a certificate for completing the home study course that could be arranged! I should make a pdf downloadable one. Dear Team, I would like to start up a local-cable-tv-channel at a prime location in India? I have no idea about any technical requirements for the same? Could you kindly assist what are the basic things should I considered for setting up the same?

Setting up a local cable tv channel sounds exciting. If you read this article and all the comments, plus click on the link in the post to the companion article that also has a lot of comments, then I believe you will get plenty of information about what kind of equipment you will need. Hi what would i need to upgrade a casting studio, from tape recording workflow to tapeless?

Without actually looking at everything it is a tad hard to say for sure but probably with firewire. You might need some converters. What kind of cameras do you have and what do they output? Do you need to have them connected all the time? If not, consider using external hard drives and those can be connected or moved. Hello Chidi If you would take the time to read through this entire post and the comments, you will see lists of all the equipment you need to set up a video studio.

I have the following question: Ideally we want to do live broadcasting of panel discussions. Your momma was real clever with your name! Interacting live with a remote audience would be more of a function of your video platform not your video equipment. Covideo will let you interact with audience members face to face if they have a webcam. There is a chat function too. You have audience interaction via chat. Thanks and good luck! Great link you are to a yearning world of videographers and independent filmmakers.

Keep up the good work. I will appreciate a detailed guide on how to connect my audio link to my console and to the mixed video. Thanks for visiting Video production Tips! So please buy a camcorder that will work in your country. The JVCs you mention are both very nice camcorders. Adding audio to a mixed video is done in editing of course; you simply add the desired audio to a new audio line in your editing timeline.

Hi I want to set up a professional modern video production house in my country a studio that can host audience and i need help on the necessary equipments to buy and where to buy them. I am writing a business Plan for a TV station and I am having a problem writing the technical part of the whole project!

Hello Ali Looks like you have your work cut out for you! The crew members you will need are listed in the post. I will email you my equipment catalogue so you can read more about cameras to decide which ones are right for your studio. That should do it! I am working at an international college and the management are in the process of setting up a new course in mass communication and advertising. Thank God I came across your site and it made things so much simpler. The main difference here is it is for students to learn, and it does not have to be too geared for commercial production.

In your opinion what kind of set up or equipment would be just right for students to learn about basic broadcasting? I am planning to visit a radio station to find out more and hopefully I will have better questions to ask later. I am glad you found my site too! I am happy to help. When I taught TV production in a high school, I came to believe that for total beginners, the equipment should really be kept simple.

When I tried to give my students the huge, complex professional cameras they were overwhelmed and could not really get past that to function well. But when I handed them a home camcorder model, they joyfully went out and made great videos. Now, having said that, I was grateful for the huge professional cameras too, I certainly thought they should learn how to operate them, but that came second, after they got the feel for what they were doing with simpler equipment. So I guess what I am saying is that it is good to have two or even more levels of difficulty for students as they advance.

We kept the big cameras in the studio where I was there to help. The smaller cameras were used as field cameras. Using less expensive simpler field cameras also made it possible to have a lot of them so all students could be accommodated and we did not have to have a waiting list.

Now, as far as layout of the studio goes…. You communicate between the two room using headsets, but for a learning situation, it is critical to be able to see what is going on with your eyes, and not just with the cameras.

Usually this is accomplished with a big window. You can not just have an open space because noise from the control room will interfere with the audio recording going on in the studio. The narrow area you describe sounds good for a row of editing computers. Students absolutely need to learn editing. If you have a little something in your budget for professional consulting, I can help you even more and will lay it all out for you and give you a loist of equipment to purchase.

Drop me an email if you would be interested in that. In the meantime, I hope this information helps you out! Thanks so much for the info! I am impressed that you really took the effort to answer every comment in this page. Actually just a couple of weeks ago before I was tasked to do this studio, the management has apparently came out with a list of equipments that they intend to purchase for the studio. The main difference between a recording studio and a broadcasting studio would be one has transmission capabilities and one would not.

A barn door is a metal gadget with movable slats that you attach to a light to help you direct and point the beam of light. I am glad if this information in this post helps you.

All of the comments on this page add a ton of info! I always answer comments if they are sincere comments and not spam BS or some transparent attempt for an irrelevant link back. I get tired of those but enjoy helping everyone else. With a work force of about 30 persons. Pls i want you to mail me the list of equipment needed and their prices. I also want to know if my budget of will be too much or too small.

Adobe Audition CC. A professional audio workstation.

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