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❶Smeal FYS faculty meet at the beginning of the semester and at mid-semester to discuss successes and concerns associated with the FYS. It has always been observed that culture and values could be well ascertained from the writings and expressions of a particular society.

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Each appointment will be approved by the Dean and reviewed on an annual basis. FYS for all incoming students in your college c. University-level coursework ideally satisfying General Education or other College or Major requirements, though this is not essential e.

How many credits does your required first-year seminar provide? Please answer 1 Credit, 2 Credits, 3 Credits, or Other For example, different sections provide 1, 2, or 3 credits. Organized activities and programs open to all students include: Information about the curriculum, the entrance-to-major process, and other opportunities for Smeal students is shared. Afterwards, the academic advisers and the Smeal student mentors meet with their students to review the advising process and address individual concerns.

Smeal Student Mentors — All Smeal first-year students are assigned a mentor. These are a selected group of upper-class students that serve as a first contact on campus and assist with the transition to college and campus life.

Welcome BBQ — Held during the first week of classes for new students. Mentors focus on tips for thriving and not just surviving at Penn State. Majors Panel Night — Mentors sponsor an evening where juniors and seniors in each of the eight Smeal majors are on-hand to meet with first-year students to discuss majors, internships, and job opportunities.

Scheduling Social — An evening of pizza and discussion to assist first-year students in course selection and scheduling planning for the spring semester. Smeal College student organizations are well represented at this event and actively recruit new students to join their organizations.

Study Abroad — The Smeal College International Office offers evening information sessions on study abroad opportunities along with staffing a recruitment table in the building atrium several times throughout the year. Smeal Advising Center — All students in the Smeal College are assigned an academic advisor who is available to meet with them to review degree requirements and course scheduling.

First-year students meet their advisor for the first time at the College Meeting. During the semester, advisors are available on an appointment basis with some time allotted for quick drop-by questions. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor at least once a year. Smeal College BIG Event — This annual January event is an opportunity for first and second year students to meet with faculty to learn about the different majors offered by the college and the career and internship possibilities associated with each major.

In addition to presentations, academic departments, student support services units, and student clubs and fraternities set up display booths throughout the building atrium for students to visit, gather information and ask questions.

This program is currently in the planning and development stages. How will you accommodate DUS students? You have been provided with data showing a rolling average number of students who have moved from DUS into your academic unit in recent years; briefly indicate how you will accommodate this approximate number.

DUS advisors will determine the registration of students into these spaces. Additional sections will be offered in spring for students accepted to the University at that time. Smeal Student Mentors — The student mentors have an office in the HUB and are available three days a week for a total of nine hours weekly to meet with DUS students who have questions regarding the Smeal College and the opportunities available to them.

In addition, all mentor programs and activities in the college are open to DUS students. Smeal faculty and staff communicate regularly with DUS staff on issues that involve their students.

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a level media essay help

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