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How to Write the Perfect Graduate School Resume

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After all, you have to believe in your application before anyone else will. The USC Rossier School of Education strives to prepare educators who achieve positive learning outcomes across a range of settings. To better serve our students, we offer a number of our graduate programs in an online format. These innovative programs are designed and taught by the same renowned USC faculty members who teach on campus, and take advantage of a state-of-the-art online learning platform to blend live, face-to-face online classes with dynamic self-paced coursework and field-based experiences.

Use Language that Makes an Impact A resume is no place to waste words. Edit, Edit, Proofread Regardless of what your specific accomplishments are, your resume should present them in a careful and polished manner. Interested in an online graduate program in the field of education? Landing the position you desire begins with planning, drafting and polishing a resume that reflects the ways you can contribute to the field of your passion. How can you best arrange your skills, valuable traits and accomplishments into a presentable document that radiates success?

Grab your materials and get started with our graduate school resume template for Word and accompanying writing guidelines. Here, you can learn to write a resume similar to the one shown by referring to our strategies and thus enhancing your summary statement and skills, work history and education sections. Your summary statement is often your first impression with employers. Because summary statements should be concise, it is ideal to use keywords found in the job listing so that you can get straight to the point.

This way, you can attract employers and truly reflect your talents. Experienced laboratory assistant with knowledge of various specimens and equipment. Equipped to conduct research and analyze data. Organized with procedures and enthusiastic about advancements in biology. Enthusiastic laboratory assistant prepared to take the next step in the field. Some additional spacing between and within sections would help this resume feel more accessible for readers Take care on using ALL CAPS, as using all capitals draws attention to the specific locations rather than the roles or the experiences.

This might be a purposeful choice "Responsible for Candidate interested in consulting roles Two-page resume format with effective summary of publications and presentations that does not focus on the topic of the research Clear overview of software skills Activities and interests sections highlight experience beyond PhD research to showcase personality and characteristics sought by consulting firms Advice we might give for this resume: Move dates to the right-hand side of the page to put more emphasis on what was done, and how, rather then when it was done click image to view Key features: Two-page format with experience listed as the first section Broad range of professional memberships listed to demonstrate wide-ranging interests Advice we might give for this resume: Add a "graduate student" entry to the professional experience section to highlight skills used in research projects Ensure formatting is consistent e.

Candidate interested in writing and editing opportunities Uses a skills-based approach with one section focusing on writing and editing and one focusing on client-focused experiences Effectively summarizes dissertation research in a way that focuses attention on skills not on the context Advice we might give for this resume: Candidate interested in writing and editing opportunities e.

Resume might fit on one page with more efficient use of space and elimination of some experience not relevant to the position being applied for click image to view Key features: Candidate interested in consulting opportunities Two-page approach that highlights previous consulting experiences, leadership, and academic successes from research Detailed descriptions of skills together with quantifiable elements Clear focus on skills sought by consulting firms: Candidate interested in consulting opportunities One-page format with emphasis on non-research experiences gained outside of the lab Focus on consulting experiences gained on campus along with leadership and community experiences Appropriate and minimal focus on specifics of research, with emphasis on research communication skills Advice we might give for this resume: Candidate interested in industry opportunities possibly consumable goods industry Three-page format that emphasizes research experiences, and begins with a detailed profile statement Lists of publications and presentations highlights scientific productivity Advice we might give for this resume: Profile section may seem overwhelming, and could be shortened or listed as bullets representing relevant themes Where possible, sections should not be split over two pages e.

Candidate interested in consulting opportunities Two-page format with clear "summary of qualification" section Professional experience included an appropriate mix of research, consulting, and industry-relevant experiences A "business training" section highlights courses taken at Penn that are relevant to consulting, and that demonstrate an interest in business Advice we might give for this resume: Candidate interested in medical writing and regulatory affairs opportunities Resume clearly articulates biomedical knowledge areas, as a broad knowledge of biomedical topics is often more valuable than a very detailed knowledge of only one field Relevant coursework identifies industry-specific knowledge Experiences are very focused on transferable skills important for industry settings - especially communication skills Advice we might give for this resume: Remove objective if resume is being used to apply for a specific position List degrees and academic institutions as main headers rather than as bullets click image to view Key features: Candidate looking for medical writing opportunities please note, this resume is from the same candidate who wrote this one after they gained some industry experience Two-page version that focuses specifically on medical writing experiences that than general experiences , with a clear summary statement Professional certification, development, and training are clearly stated Advice we might give for this resume: Click image to view Key features: Change "Other" heading to be more illustrative of content e.

The Campaign for Penn Helpful Links. It is not clear how these descriptions differ from the bullet points.

The Purpose of a Resume for Graduate School

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To help you construct your own high-quality resume for graduate school, we’re offering you four original resume and CV samples to use as examples. First, we’ll explore what features make a great graduate school resume.

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Site offers free resume templates, free resume formats and resume writing advice for graduate school applicants. View professionally written graduate school resume examples & samples. Site offers free resume templates, free resume formats and resume writing advice for graduate school applicants. Mission of

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Graduate School, Graduate School Admissions, Resume Typically, writing a resume for grad school applications demonstrate your academic credentials, like research/awards earned, as well as your professional experience, although there is a tremendous amount of overlap. Hey everyone, I am re-writing my resume for MSN-NP program. I can't seem to find as much input as I need on the internet. I was wondering if anyone has been in my shoes and can give me some.

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Your graduate school resume needs to present your most impressive work experience, skills, and achievements. It is often the grad resume that's reviewed first of all the application elements, so it's important that you write a grad school resume that offers . Students often find it helpful to review resumes from graduate students who got their first job outside of academe. To see example resumes, visit the PhD Career Finder in Versatile PhD. How can we help? Graduate and Professional Student Assembly; Cornell University Graduate School. Caldwell Hall Cornell University Ithaca, NY