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Janie Hall please e-mail: I provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will do everything I can to meet your expectations. Native American women in leadership working toward a sustainable future. Women in Leadership The Refractive Thinker Press. Medicine of the Florida Seminole Indians , A. American Indian Quarterly , 41 , American Indian Quarterly , 42 , Importantly, you must take care here—your committee will want you to use language that makes this last part clear such that no ambiguity remains concerning what comprises your conclusions.

Furthermore, be sure to dedicate sections to discussing your results, always as they relate to the literature, as well as a section on the limitations of your results. You will then want to use this positioning to lay out all of the implications you recognize your results have for actual practice, while also providing insight into any recommendations you have for additional research.

Note that in your implications section, you will want to make a broader connection to the social significance of your study, especially as it relates to professional practice or applied settings. Alternatively, in the recommendations section, you should consider what your research necessarily implies, and what your data support investigating further.

Ideally, you will provide readers with a proposed methodology and design that you feel fits each recommendation. In short, this section of your Discussion Chapter provides you with a place to help guide future efforts that emanate from what you are now polishing.

Finally, once you have all of these pieces assembled, you will need to elegantly compose a conclusion section to your Discussion Chapter that includes an overview of the chapter and your research findings. Typically, a final description of the findings related to the research questions, along with a suggestion for how the study may further the understanding of the problem, also gets included.

Essentially, you should treat your conclusion section as your final opportunity to share a concise overview of your findings and your conclusions. To review, your Discussion Chapter should be treated with care, and not simply because you, your mentor, and your committee want you to; it, in fact, may be the only opportunity you get to impress upon readers just how integral your study has been to advancing the knowledge in your field.

In other words, this chapter may very well be the only one people read post-publication. And while you certainly want to be thorough, you also want to aim for a well-informed succinctness that simultaneously avoids watering down the power of what you have to offer.

Now, hopefully the overview provided above illuminates not just the importance of the Discussion Chapter, but also the groundwork necessary to build it up to the level required for high-impact value. Still, many more best practices remain, all of which cannot be covered in an endeavor like this since they were discovered after writing and rewriting thousands of dissertation manuscripts.

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