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❶As illustrated in distribution resume samples, the format you choose determines how you present the information. Job boards, recruiters, you never know what will provide the right venue.

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do resume distribution services work

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Resume Distribution Services offer hope to those who have had little success in the search for employment. What Resume Distribution Services do. These distribution services send an applicant’s resume to various potential employers depending on the specifics within the document.

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For those of you who have heard nothing from your resume distribution attempts, consider that the resumes do not necessarily go to companies that are looking to hire in your field (if they are hiring at all). Also, there is also a chance that your resume is the problem .

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Do Resume Distribution Services Really Work? Posted on November 18, by Dawn Rasmussen In this economy, when competition for open positions is the worst in decades, some measure of desperation takes over job seekers. Our resume submission service connects directly to our partner databases through API's (application programming interfaces) and uploads your resume directly to their resume database. We work with Taleo, Kenexa, Icims, Monster, Careerbuilder, Manpower, Randstadt, RobertHalf and many others.

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Connecting with the right recruiters and letting them know about you can be a powerful tool in your overall job search strategy.. so I get asked often if resume distribution to recruiters is a . As a recruiter, I get resumes from resume distribution services on a regular basis. The question I hear from candidates is usually "Are these services really worth it?" My initial thought is always no - I believe that the best jobs come from networking and other targeted strategies.